VOTE NO on Biden’s Budget Buster!

Congressional Democrats are set to massively expand the size and intrusiveness of the federal government.  The current draft contains trillions of dollars in new taxes -- including a “carbon tax” levied on every barrel of oil sold, while gas prices are spiking. It also contains a new, SECOND death tax attacking family-owned businesses.

The Biden-Pelosi budget also DOUBLES the size of the IRS. While the Left claims this provision will “stick it to the rich,” the reality is this provision will do little to net the U.S. treasury more revenue – but it will enable the federal government to harass and intimidate millions of Americans and small businesses, and perhaps target conservatives as the Obama IRS did.

In addition to its tax provisions, Biden’s budget is also chock-full of spending on new government programs and entitlements, cradle-to-grave. This is the Left’s not-so-secret trojan horse to get more people dependent on government, to give the far-Left more control.

Tell Congress to VOTE NO on Biden’s Taxes and Spending!

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