Tell the Senate to confirm Trump's Supreme Court nominee now!

UPDATE 9/24/2018: Senate Democrats have found a new accuser and convinced her that the perpetrator of indecent exposure at a vaguely remembered college party was actually Brett Kavanaugh. The New Yorker ran the story even though the New York Times already interviewed dozens of potential witnesses and rejected it. Conveniently, this new allegation came just as the original accuser's story had almost completely collapsed, with all four of the “witnesses” named as being present at the mystery party saying it didn’t happen, including her close female friend Leland Keyser.

Apparently liberals have so little regard for the truth that they are willing to smear the reputation of a good and decent man based on zero-evidence accusations.

We cannot let the liberals get away with this disgraceful smear. 

Brett Kavanaugh has a fantastic conservative track record as a judge, and if confirmed, Brett Kavanaugh will protect and uphold America's commitment to constitutional principles.

Liberals and their allies in the media are going to do everything they can to smear him in order to block confirmation at all costs – we must fight back.

Tell the Senate to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh now!

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