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UPDATE 9/19/2018: The unhinged Democratic Party is attempting to torpedo Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh based on a completely unsubstantiated claim about an alleged incident 36 years ago in an unspecified location on an unspecified date.

Quite simply, if a zero evidence accusation of something that supposedly happened in high school can derail a qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, nobody will ever be safe from this type of character assassination.

We can't let Senate Democrats get away with this. Sign your letter today.

Brett Kavanaugh has a fantastic conservative track record as a judge, and if confirmed, Brett Kavanaugh will protect and uphold America's commitment to constitutional principles.

Liberals and their allies in their media are going to do everything they can to smear him in order to block confirmation at all costs – we must fight back.

Tell the Senate to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh now!

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