Stop the Pelosi drug plan!

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H.R. 3 is a radical bill by Nancy Pelosi that will freeze medical innovation by imposing draconian price controls backed by a confiscatory tax on new medicines.

H.R. 3 threatens drug manufacturers with a shocking 95 percent gross-receipts tax if they don’t accept government-set prices. This tax-and-regulate scheme would be devastating for the discovery and development of new cures and terrible for seniors.  Some of the life-saving investments that could be stifled include treatments in disease areas such as Alzheimer's, cancer, and diabetes.

The good news is, the House GOP has proposed a bipartisan alternate plan, H.R. 19, which lowers drug costs without tax hikes and would bring more cures.

Tell Congress to STOP the Pelosi drug tax and support REAL REFORM!

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