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The Senate tax bill will give households an enormous, much-needed pay raise.

Under the bill, the standard deduction jumps from $13,000 to $24,000 for a married couple and from $6,500 to $12,000 for a single filer. It cuts taxes across-the-board at every income level and DOUBLES the child tax credit to $2,000 – providing even greater tax relief for families.

Perhaps most importantly, the bill fixes our broken business tax system by eliminating special interest deductions and slashing rates to make America competitive globally.  Fixing the business side of the tax code will bring trillions of dollars back from abroad and substantially raise incomes – as much as $9,000 per household according to an analysis by Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett.

Plus, the Senate bill will REPEAL Obamacare's individual mandate that punishes middle-income Americans (79 percent of individual mandate payers make less than $50,000) for refusing to buy overpriced Obamacare plans and boost American energy security by allowing exploration and production in ANWR.

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