STOP the Blumenthal Amendment that Would Destroy Car Trade-In Values

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The Senate may vote this week on an amendment by Democratic senator Dick Blumenthal that would make it illegal for dealers to sell any car with an open recall.  That might sound good, but there’s a huge problem: many recalls are for items as trivial as a printing error in the owner’s manual, and when a part is simply unavailable, there’s nothing you can do about it.  

Blumenthal’s amendment would effectively slash the resale value of all of those vehicles to zero – for years.  And that means dealers could offer – at best – only pennies on the dollar for trade-ins, because they would have to hold the cars indefinitely until the parts became available.  That would be a disaster for consumers, for dealers, and for automakers.

It would make much more sense to simply require disclosure of open recalls at the point of sale, so buyers can make their own informed decisions.  Unfortunately, the Senate may pass Blumenthal's disastrous idea without thinking it through.

TELL the Senate: Vote NO on the Blumenthal Amendment!

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