Congress Must Stop Obama's Plan to Regulate the Internet

Messages Sent So Far

The FCC order reducing the Internet to a public utility has been published in the Federal Register and will be effective June 12 unless stopped by the courts or Congress.

The landslide 2014 elections made crystal clear that the American people reject larger, more intrusive government. 

But President Obama reacted by moving even further left, ignoring the fact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to be an independent agency, and openly demanding the FCC take the most radical action imaginable: reducing the Internet to a "public utility," imposing sweeping new taxes and destroying private investment, competition, and innovation while putting bureaucrats firmly in control.

And three Democrats at the FCC happily complied.

Now, Congress must act. Our elected officials must not allow the FCC to take over the Internet in a naked ideological power grab.

Tell Congress: "Stand up to the liberal special interests and stand up for the free-market Internet! Block the FCC order to reduce the Internet to a public utility."

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