After Five Months, Senate Acted on H.R. 8

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UPDATE: After 153 days of inaction, the Senate finally took up H.R.8, amended it, and voted on January 1, 2013.  Our 10K+ letters had an impact.

Unfortunately, the amendment radically altered the bill to include a negotiated deal with the White House that significantly increases taxes.  Here's how they voted on the amended bill.

The House is expected take up the Senate's amended version today.

The House need not rush to accept the Senate's amendment to H.R. 8.  The Senate stalled five full months before sending back a massively altered version with over $600 billion in tax hikes and a $330 billion increase in spending. The House and Senate have now passed very different versions. They should appoint conferees to negotiate.

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Please correct this for me people.
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The time to do what's right for America has past,now you must do the right thing
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