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Messages Sent So Far

Senate Democrats are exploiting the medical absence of Senator John McCain by filing a discharge petition to force a vote on reinstituting Obama's Internet regulations while McCain is convalescing in Arizona.

The Obama regulations would re-classify the Internet as a "public utility" and allow bureaucrats to ban products, services, and applications that consumers want – while exempting liberal, politically connected tech like Facebook and Google from equal oversight. It also leaves consumers on the hook for a MASSIVE new broadband tax.

In a response to American Commitment members in Arizona who wrote to him on this issue, McCain said:

Over the last two decades, the Internet has flourished under limited government oversight. When the FCC took this action in 2015, I said, “I am disappointed by the FCC’s vote today, a move that, in the name of so-called ‘net neutrality,’ drastically increases the government’s role over our nation’s broadband – an effort I have long opposed.” I continue to believe in a hands-off approach to the internet, and support the decision to roll back that action. Allowing the internet to thrive without burdensome regulations is the best stimulus for our economy.

He is absolutely right, and it would be outrageous for Democrats to exploit his absence to reimpose Obama Internet regulations.

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