Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D NH)
Calls to Action
Stop the NLRB's Abuse of Power Stop Obama's War on Coal

End the Export-Import Bank

Sen. Alexander, stop supporting Obama's war on coal!

Sen. Manchin, it's time to lead! No more excuses!

Sherrod Brown: Stop raising electric bills and cut spending!

Tammy Baldwin: Stop putting Washington special interests ahead of Wisconsin!

Bill Nelson: Repeal the health care law!

Martin Heinrich: Tax hikes are not where New Mexico stands!

Shelley Berkley: Repeal the health care law and cancel the tax hikes!

Vote NO on welfare-packed Farm Bill!

Heidi Heitkamp: Support repeal of the health care law!

Build the Pipeline, Not the Bridge Stop the IRS health care power grab! Tim Kaine Betrayed Coal No Lame Duck Tax Hikes

After Five Months, Senate Acted on H.R. 8

Cut Spending Now! No More Backroom Deals! Stop the Trillion Dollar Coin! Congress Must Do Its Job

No Washington Exemption from Obamacare! Don't Let the IRS Gut the First Amendment!

No Government Takeover of the Internet! Fix It? Just Another Obamacare Lie

Stop the FCC Internet Takeover!

Don't Let the FCC Regulate the Internet!

Stop the Shameful Race-Baiting Tactics! Menendez Must Resign!

It's time to repeal the Death Tax!

Don't let the Georgia government restrict our 1st amendment rights!

No federal gas tax hike!

Congress is NOT a Small Business

Congress Must Stop Obama's Plan to Regulate the Internet

End the Employer Mandate. Give Them Back Their Hours.

STOP the Blumenthal Amendment that Would Destroy Car Trade-In Values

Do NOT Put Corporate Cronies Ahead of Conservatives

Save the Spending Caps! former UnitedHealth exec VP Andy Slavitt should NOT be running Obamacare! End the collusion of Big Government and Big Insurance!

Pass the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act!

Do NOT fund Obama's Paris Global Warming Deal!

STOP Obama's illegal insurance company bailouts!

No Hearings, No Votes

STOP the Proposed FDA Regulations

Expose the Lie Behind Obama's Internet Regulations

STOP Obama's attack on your retirement account!

The Military Should Fight Terrorists, Not Climate Change

Stop the FCC Power Grabs!

No New Energy Taxes!

Stop the IRS from seizing private donor lists!

Take Action on OIRA

STOP Any Last-Minute Giveaway To Obama!

Don't let the Senate force a Democratic FCC on President Trump

Denial Is Not A Plan; Repeal Obamacare NOW!

Tell President Trump and Congress NO GAS TAX HIKE!

Make Trump's Tax Cuts & Regulatory Reforms Permanent!

ALERT: Stop the Internet Sales Tax!

Tell Congress to Keep Its Hands Off The Internet!

End the Capital Gains Inflation Tax!

Reject the 'Green New Deal' and Stop Socialism!

Thank President Trump and Secretary Elaine Chao for making California repay High Speed Rail stimulus grants!

Stop Democrats from using your tax dollars to elect their candidates.

Stop Nancy Pelosi's Tax the Internet Act

Stop the Pelosi Budget!

Save private health care in America!

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D NH)

United States Senate

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