No Lame Duck Tax Hikes

7,859 Letters and Emails Sent So Far No Lame Duck Tax Hikes

President Obama was narrowly reelected, but the American people did not vote for tax hikes.  In fact, one of Obama's major campaign themes was the claim that Romney wanted to raise taxes.  The 2012 election was a status quo election; Obama was returned to the White House, but Republicans retained the House because the American people want them to continue to exercise a check and balance.

The strong House opposition to tax hikes was vindicated, not rejected, by the election.

Moreover, given the extraordinarily weak economic recovery the country faces, it would be an enormous mistake to raise any taxes and risk tipping the economy back into recession.

Please sign below to tell your Member of Congress: "We urge you to stand strong against any tax hikes in the lame duck session."

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He will only use it to support Illegal Aliens or Pour it into ObamaCare, both of which are money pits and useless.
stop spending... period!
Just start doing what's right. That's what you get paid to do!!
no tax hikes we need to lower taxs
We, the American People, already pay enough taxes.

As Representatives of the People, make NO tax increase for any American!

America would be helped if there are tax cuts for all and REAL major spending CUTS.

All federal legislators and employees need to be under the same retirement and healthcare systems as the citizens they serve.
Please stand strong. We have a big spending problem which should be the talk of negotiations. We have NO solution by giving in to tax hikes.