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UPDATE: We were not able to get the Senate to act on this last year, but several small businesses took matters into their own hands by filing a legal challenge to the rule.  Learn about the lawsuit here.

The president’s health care law attempted to coerce states into administering its vast new health care entitlement by offering huge subsidies if states would set up “exchanges,” new health care bureaucracies.  The Democrats who wrote the law thought every state would be eager to do it – but many states have chosen not to.

Now the IRS is attempting to illegitimately rewrite the law to force states that lawfully opted out back in by allowing subsidies to flow through federal exchanges.  And the IRS is claiming companies must pay penalty taxes of thousands of dollars per employee – even if their state lawfully opted out.  It’s literally taxation without representation – and it’s happening in secret, without the American people having a voice.

Fortunately, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 48 (S.J. Res. 48) to overturn this outrageous IRS power grab and allow states to exercise their lawful power to opt out of Obama’s health care subsidies and employer taxes.

We can force a Senate vote on overturning this outrageous IRS power grab if just 30 senators sign a discharge petition under the Congressional Review Act.  And we can pass it on the Senate floor with just 51 votes, because the resolution is protected from filibuster. (Obama would then have to use his veto pen and take full political responsibility for this outrage if he wanted to keep it in effect.)

If the health care law as written is so flawed that it can’t be implemented, that’s a reason to repeal it, not to empower unelected IRS bureaucrats to secretly rewrite it.

Please fill out the form below to tell your U.S. senators: “Please do everything in your power to support the Johnson Resolution (S.J. Res. 48) to stop the IRS health care power grab!”

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