Vote NO on welfare-packed Farm Bill!

UPDATE 9/18/2012: THANK YOU!  News just officially broke that Congress WILL NOT pass that corrupt, trillion-dollar so-called farm bill that goes 78%+ to FOOD STAMPS!  Your activism carried the day! Thank you!

The Senate recently passed a disastrous $970 billion farm bill that was really a welfare bill – 78 percent of the spending went for food stamps, which are now sent to a shocking 1 out of every 7 Americans.

Now the House is working on its own version, and it’s not much better.  It spends almost as much – about $957 billion – and fully 79 percent of that is for food stamps!

Republicans may help Democrats spend $756 billion on food stamps over the next 10 years. Is that what this Congress was elected to do? Lock in Obama's legacy of 1 in 7 Americans being on food stamps?

Please fill out the form to urge the House: "VOTE NO on the bloated Farm Bill!"

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