Bill Nelson: Repeal the health care law!

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Bill Nelson was the deciding vote for Obama's health care law, which will cost trillions of dollars, cut more than $500 billion from Medicare to pay for more wasteful spending, and includes the largest middle class tax hike in history.  It's a mistake and it must be repealed.

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I have e-mailed Senator Nelson often and he NEVER responds. I expect he will ignore this as well.
Please repeal this God forsaken law that is shoved down our throats. This is not what America represents. It makes it too easy for people to run to the Dr.for the smallest reasons. Auto insurance doesnt cover my preventive maintenance that i should be doing on my own.. Our health should be the same way. Take our health into our own hands. We have become so dependent upon the health care system that has failed us.
Dean Cubbedge
Excellent article on Obamacare in today's Tampa Tribune. Obamacare at 5; Quality hasn't improved; costs continue to grow.Mr Obama guaraneed lower health care costs,universal coverage and higher-quality healthcare. Five years later the health law has failed to fullfill those grandiose promises. Senator Nelson was the deciding vote that passed this abomination. Nancy just voted for it. Never mind reading and comprehending its consequences.
Mr. Nelson,
It's very obvious to us that the only time you want to talk to the people of Florida is when it's time for an election. You have sold your fellow Floridians down the drain and it's appalling. The cost for Obamacare has doubled and I'm not sure anyone really knows the final outcome of this law that you signed your name to. If you really believe in "building" this state and the American way of life than propose a legitimate way to help folks and the economics of healthcare. This is a complete disaster and I for one won't forget how to vote when you're up for re-election.
This bill is already ruining lives.
Remember 11/06/12
Bill Nelson
We are watching you and what you support, remember where the vote comes from..We the people..Ok we are depending on you...
get the obamanation out!!!!
Mr. Nelson, we are tired of your blind rubber stamp support of Obama's obviously dangerous economic plans. If you have any hope of retaining your job in the Senate, I would suggest you open your eyes and make an intelligent choice to assist in REPEALING Obama's health care law. You have simply voted along party lines, regardless of knowing that this Law is NOT good for America or the American people. I cannot believe you are stupid, so I must believe that you are complicit with the extreme progressive left to undermine our Constitution and destroy the United States of America, and perhaps even the world economy in the process. Hopefully, Connie Mack IV will unseat you and be willing to clean up the mess you have left behind....
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