Sherrod Brown: Stop raising electric bills and cut spending!

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Senator Sherrod Brown is supporting policies that hurt hardworking Ohio families.  He supported the president's failed stimulus, voted to make Ohio electricity prices skyrocket, and was the deciding vote for the president's health care law.  Please watch our new ad and share this page with your friends.

The message you fill out below will be delivered directly to Senator Brown's office.  Tell him to stop supporting policies that hurt Ohio families!

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stop the taxes it hurts the middle class
stop the taxes it hurts the middle class
I will not vote for such an extreme libereral.
Sherrod Brown stop voting to hurt the American people! Vote
for the people not to earn browny point with your president!
I LOATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Brown he cares NOT a bit how he is destroying OHIOS peoples w.his kiss rear on regulations on COAL....people w.all electric homes CANNOT SELL...........BTW this goofball will retire w. near 200 THOUSAND a year 4 life FROM OUR MONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Sherrod as my electric bill is now the lowest I've paid in 4 years. As to Health Care, the AAHCA helped save my sister-in-law with insurance for a pre-existing brain-cancer surgery. God Bless, jim
With people like this in power, who needs enemies?????
Throw him out. We don't need these dead-beats to represent us any more!