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Dozens of great American companies, most recently including Amazon and Wal-Mart, have buckled to the intimidation tactics of Color of Change, a radical group founded by avowed communist and 9/11 truther Anthony K. "Van" Jones.

Companies have have let a handful of bullies force them to withdraw support for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an association of free-market state legislators who work together to advance individual freedom at the state level.

The bullies have admitted they are manipulating a tragic death to silence their political opponents.  "The Trayvon Martin thing was like a gift," one of the organizers said.

Companies must reject these intimidation tactics, reverse course, and restore support for ALEC.

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Hey Alec: Go **** YOURSELVES, you useless right wing *******s.
Stop enabling the enemies of freedom! Oh, and that tablet I was considering will not be bought through Amazon.
Our state legislators who are committed to free markets and limited government have earned the support of corporations such as Amazon and Walmart. Please do the right thing and help them do their jobs.
Kiss my liberal azz, kochsuckers
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