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The American people rejected cap-and-trade (President Obama’s plan to make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket” and “bankrupt coal”) in one of the biggest landslide elections in history in 2010.  The day after that election, Obama said: “Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.  It was a means, not an end.”

Since then, Obama has worked overtime to act as if the cap-and-trade bill passed and to twist decades-old laws in order to bankrupt coal and drive up the price of electricity.

Obama's staggering array of anti-coal regulations will effectively shut down all coal-fired power plants in America, a genuine economic catastrophe that will make prices “necessarily skyrocket” and undermine the reliability of our electric grid.

Take action now to urge the House AND Senate to stand up to Obama and to Stop the War on Coal!

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I just got my power bill on7-17-14, I used 73 fewer KWH for the month of June than I did for the month of May And my bill is 12 dollars higher than the month of May. This is ridiculous.
Our cost of living is high enough, stop your cruel policies. Please take a 3 year vacation before you ruin this country.
What's the matter with you people? You supply a vast amount of the power in the country and yet you don't use your own power! Unite and take a "stress day" off and snap the country out of this delusion that we are living in a post-carbon fuel era or that such an era is anywhere nearby. TAKE A "STRESS DAY" I'm a physician, I'll give you a note.
Saving the environment is a good thing, but we must find a way that doesnít destroy the liveís of millions of Americans. This country is already in a terrible economic state, we canít promote agendaís that just make things worse!
What is wrong with you (congress). You are supposed to be a check on the president. It is just a job but a responsibility. He is destroying our economy and y'all have done nothing to stop him. You are the only ones who can.
These anti-progress people want to take the US to the level of a "turd world" country. If they were really serious about reducing CO2 emmisions, they would OFF themselves.
This insanity of raising electric rates must be stopped.
If we all don't do something and become proactive, the rug is going to be pulled out from under us.
Someone needs to stop this crazy man, I say IMPEACH HIM.
Defund and dismantle the EPA