WarOnCoal.com: Stop Obama's War on Coal

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WarOnCoal.com: Stop Obama's War on Coal

The American people rejected cap-and-trade (President Obama’s plan to make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket” and “bankrupt coal”) in one of the biggest landslide elections in history in 2010.  The day after that election, Obama said: “Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.  It was a means, not an end.”

Since then, Obama has worked overtime to act as if the cap-and-trade bill passed and to twist decades-old laws in order to bankrupt coal and drive up the price of electricity.  That effort was again rejected in the 2014 landslide.

Obama's staggering array of anti-coal regulations will effectively shut down all coal-fired power plants in America, a genuine economic catastrophe that will make prices “necessarily skyrocket” and undermine the reliability of our electric grid.

Take action now to urge the House AND Senate to stand up to Obama and to Stop the War on Coal!

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This war has affected my 130 employees as we have supplied most of the major coal mines and power plants in Montana, Wyoming and the Dakota's over the last 40 years.
Where will America be without cheap energy. If we want to continue to compete in the world market we need affordable energy.
I do not understand why Obama would stop a good energy resource. Especially if now scientists are finding new ways to make coal burn more cleaner. How does he propose we get electricity??? Wind and hydro are not enough, and nuclear is unsafe.
obama wants to get rid of coal because as a child he got lumps of coal for Christmas....
This makes it so much harder to just live day to day life and pay for the necessities. Stop taking money from our pockets.
they say global warming is caused by coal LOL why dont they stop NASA from going into space 5 days a week and destroying our ozone layer not to mention all the emissions from the rockets etc JOBS JOBS JOBS thats what they want to take away to line their pockets and make us more reliant on the on the rich coal miners, trucking jobs, power plant employees out of work for a few people sitting behind a desk wow that really helps our economy what a joke obama is