YES to Pipeline; NO to Steyer's Carbon Tax

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There's an easy way to tell which billionaires are the bad guys in the energy debate: it's the ones who want to drive up your energy prices by killing the Keystone XL pipeline and imposing huge new energy taxes.  Like Harry Reid's billionaire buddies including San Francisco's Tom Steyer and New York City's Michael Bloomberg.

Obama administration cronies have already made vast fortunes from so-called stimulus grants for "green energy" paid for with your tax dollars.

We caught Steyer on this tape explaining why he's so desperate to kill Keystone.

“We have to make a decision to do something different…  And if we do that, we’ll end up with a carbon tax or we’ll end up with some control of carbon. That’s a given,” Steyer said. “But the question is at what point do we decide we’ve had our Pearl Harbor moment?”

Sign the petition below to tell your senators enough is enough!

Dear Congress: "I urge you to support vote YES on legislation to build the Keystone XL pipeline.  And I urge you to oppose any effort to impose new energy taxes."

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