Don't Let the IRS Gut the First Amendment!

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The IRS confessed to targeting conservative groups in a stunning abuse of power.

Nobody has been held accountable for these outrageous abuses.  Indeed, the apparent ringleader of the suppression scheme, Lois Lerner, was granted six months of paid administrative leave and then allowed to retire with her full pension!

The IRS now proposes not to rectify its own misbehavior, but to blame the victims and codify its own misdeeds by adopting draconian limitations on the free speech rights of 501(c)4 social welfare groups. An unprecedented outpouring of public opposition put over 140,000 comments in the docket opposing this rule.

The proposed regulations would restrict groups from engaging in voter registration drives, candidate debates, voter guides, voting records and key votes.  They would restrict any criticism of an incumbent federal, state, or local politician within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election and effectively require groups to remove any reference to politicians from their websites during these windows.  They even distort the definition of "candidate" to include appointees, so groups weighing in on executive or judicial nominations would be restricted.

The House has passed HR3865 to stop the rule on a strong bipartisna vote. But the Senate refuses to act!

Tell your senators: "Stop the IRS's effort to gut the First Amendment!"

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NO! Ridiculous and evil.
republicans start acting like you won the election and stop acting like your in the minorty
Stop letting the communists win!!! This is our country,*WE THE PEOPLE* not Obama's and the Democrats!!! If anyone recalls our Founding Fathers were for *LIMITED GOVERNMENT AND LIMITED TAXES.*
Personally, I don't know where to start. But the fact is, there are too many attempts to dissolve our Republic and make it Socialist government. Where the few, yet powerful people' in our government tells the people what to do instead of the people telling the government what to do. Many years ago a rock star by the name of John Lennon made the statement, "We (The Beatles) are more popular than Jesus." Almost everyone were aghast of what he said. But shortly afterwords, he was killed, the Beattles split apart. The only one we hear of today is Paul McCartney. Could the Almighty God/Jesus killed John and caused the breakup. I believe yes! Or did HE orchestrated his murder, again I say, Yes!
The IRS should be abolished for what they have already done to the freedom of speech.
This government is overstepping on all our freedoms.
Put the brakes on the IRS, remember it is the Frist Amendment.....