No Washington Exemption from Obamacare!

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When the Democrats were rushing the health care law through Congress before most of them even knew what was in it, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley offered an amendment requiring members of Congress and their staff to go into the new health care exchanges, to experience the same thing millions of Americans would experience and create a strong incentive, therefore, for them to make sure the system works. The version of the amendment that passed removed proposed language that would have authorized taxpayers to continue paying for their coverage.

Like many Americans being dumped into Obamacare exchanges, members of Congress and their staff stood to lose their employer contributions - in this case, the generous financing of their health benefits by taxpayers they had before the law passed and took it away.

But unlike all of the other Americans in that situation, Congress had access to President Obama to personally intervene on their behalf.  And he did, with an illegal rule allowing them to avoid the costs of being dumped into Obamacare exchanges. That's wrong.

Tell Congress: "Support David Vitter's No Washington Exemption from Obamacare Act to force Congress to live with the same law it is imposing on the rest of us!"

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we don't want what you won't use
Congress is not superior to us in any way. They are equal, and as such should have to obey the same laws we have to.
You allowed the bill to pass, now suffer with it like the rest of us, NO Exemption,period.
Congress makes me smile everyday because they are a joke...
"This amendment to the Affordable Care Act will help our representations gain public confidence and Trust once again." Lew Brown.
The Law must be equal for all. The government Can Not be above the law.
What's good is good for the gander. You shoved this down our throats. Now by God you had better eat it too. You are NOT any better than I am or any American from coast to coast! Since when can I be forced to buy anything simply because I am breathing. The commerce clause governs commerce between the states, not within them. Is it a penalty or a tax? It was a penalty until it went before the supreme court. Then magically it became a tax. Can you say "George Orwell"?